Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The collaborative work that Lorene and I have done so far on her "Yr 5&6 Literacy" site has been both productive and frustrating. We have made a title banner to give the site a unique identity and have worked out how to delete the parts of the PES template that are not relevant to the teaching and learning of her specific group while maintaining the PES site conventions. 
The frustration that we both feel has arisen from the fact that we have now reached the extent of our site construction/manipulation/linking expertise. We could certainly benefit now from first a refresher course on google sites and once we have gained more confidence, to follow that with more advanced site connections etc. We know that there are many skilled practitioners around us who would willingly share their skill with us but there in lies our next frustration and that is trying to find mutually available times for both Lorene and me and a third party to get together. As was so accurately reflected at our last Inquiry Group meeting, "There just aren't enough hours in a day."