Monday, 29 February 2016

Twenty Sixteen

The overarching PES goal for 2016 is “How to get formative practice in reading and writing to improve acceleration". 
My focus of interest, with this goal in mind and with the work we have already done as a staff in identifying GATE students (Gifted And Talented)is how do we cater for these students' strengths both in the classroom context and extra specialised activities while ensuring their continued improvement in academic achievement?
PES - GATE ID 2015


  1. What was the particular problem you saw our Gifted students as having? Is it that there are some learners who don't have their strengths catered for?

    1. Probably not so much a problem but more the challenge of ensuring that they have opportunity to use their strengths. I'm anticipating a collaboration between myself, classroom teachers and specialists that could lead to specific adjustments of teaching practice as it relates to individual GATE student's learning needs.